Copy of Shumi Points


Earn 10 points for every €1 spent!

Shumi points is the name of our loyalty programme we offer here at AniShumi. 

Everytime you shop with Anishumi you can earn Shumi points for money off future orders!

Ways to earn Shumi points:

1) For every €1 spent on our store you will earn 10 Shumi points. You can unlock different rewards with the cheapest being a €5 off discount code. This equals to 5% cashback on your order. That makes our reward system the best in the industry

2) You can also earn some extra points by completing certain tasks and referring friends.

Rewards List

 Reward Points Needed
€5 Discount 1000
5% Off 2000
10% Off 3500
Free Shipping 5000


To start earning Shumi points all you have to do is click the button that says "lotalty" in the bottom right and create an account and this alone earns you a free 10 points.

We are constantly searching for ways to improve our loyalty point system so if you have any ideas please let us know by contacting us at

Reward Points FAQ

When are Reward Points applied?

Points are applied automatically when you place your order. If for some reason

Yes, all our products are officially licensed and we have a strict zero tolerance policy for counterfeit products.

Yes, you can contact us, using our contact form or by email at if you would like to request an item. However, we cannot guarantee our suppliers will have your requested item available and if your requested item is not official we will not add it to our store.

Buying official Anime products directly supports the Anime/manga industry. A percentage of each sale of an officially licensed item goes directly to the the creators of the anime/manga creators helping them to continue producing the shows and books we love. Purchasing bootleg or fake merchandise only benefits individuals and no money goes to the creator. Bootleg merchandise is also often very low in quality and have not been subjected to the same safety checks that legitimate manufacturers would perform.

At AniShumi we automatically merge your orders if they are ordered within the same month. If you would like to merge orders that are close together you can contact us through our contact us form or through email at

Please send us your order number and photos of the item within 7 days of receiving the item. If your shipping box is not damaged at all, the damage or defect might be due to a manufacturer flaw. It's rare, but manufacturer defects and flaws do occur. We will contact the manufacturer and show them your photos. They will decide how to proceed.

Release dates can be subject to change. The dates on the product pages will usually be up-to-date, however delayed adjustments are possible. If we haven't updated the date on the product page you can contact us and we will update you if we haven't already.

We can generally ship your pre-order within 2-3 days after we receive the item. You will receive an e-mail confirming your order has been shipped once we dispatch your item.

Please note that we do receive pre-orders from multiple manufacturers and distributors, so shipment of pre-orders can be delayed. Occasionally, pre-orders are shipped to us after the release date or in multiple batches, which can delay the shipment of your order. Orders are filled based on when they were placed, but we will do our best to get your order out as quickly as possible. We are very sorry for this inconvenience. 

For more information please refer to our return policy.

Please refer to our cancellation policy for more information.

If you are ordering from within the EU you do not need to worry about customs.

However if you are ordering from oustide the EU you may be charged by customs. Please refer to Shipping Policy for more information.